Advances in knitting technology
Advances in military textiles and personal equipment
Advances in shape memory polymers
Advances in textile biotechnology
Advances in the dyeing and finishing of technical textiles
Advances in wool technology
Applications of nonwovens in technical textiles
Bast and other plant fibres
Colour design: theories and applications
Engineering apparel fabrics and garments
Engineering textiles
False twist textured yarns
Fibrous and composite materials for civil engineering applications
Fire toxicity
Functional nanofibers and their applications
Functional textiles for improved performance, protection and health
Fundamentals and Advances in Knitting Technology
Fundamentals of designing for textiles and other end uses
Handbook of fire resistant textiles
Handbook of medical textiles
Handbook of natural fibres : Processing and applications Vol. II
Handbook of natural fibres : Types, properties and factors affecting breeding and cultivation Vol. I
Handbook of sustainable textile production
Handbook of textile and industrial dyeing : Principles, processes and types of dyes VOL. I
Handbook of textile and industrial dyeing: Applications of dyes VOL II
Handbook of textile fibre structure
Identification of textile fibers
Industrial cutting of textile materials
Industrial engineering in apparel production
Innovative jacquard textile design using digital technologies
Interior textiles
Joining textiles
Mechanics and calculations of textile machinery
Mechanisms of flat weaving technology
Multidisciplinary know-how for smart-textiles developers
New millennium fibers
New product development in textiles : Innovation and production
Optimizing decision making in the apparel supply chain using artificial intelligence (AI)
Pattern cutting for clothing using CAD
Plasma technologies for textiles
Polyolefin fibres
Process control in textile manufacturing
Simulation in textile technology
Smart clothes and wearable technology
Smart textile coatings and laminates
Smart textiles for protection
Specialist yarn and fabric structures
Statistics for textiles and apparel management
Strategic management in the garment industry
Surface modification of textiles
Technical textile yarns
Textile design
Textiles for cold weather apparel
Textiles for hygiene and infection control
Textiles, polymers and composites for buildings
The global textile and clothing industry
Theory of structure and mechanics of fibrous assemblies
Training and development of technical staff in the textile industry
Understanding and improving the durability of textiles
Woven textile structure
Woven textiles: Principles, developments and applications
Handbook of Footwear Design and Manufacture
Design of Clothing Manufacturing Processes
Biotextiles as Medical Implants