A Profile of the Automobile and Motor Vehicle Industry
Adversarial Design
Airline Pilots and Aviation Professionals
America Toons in: A history of television animation
American Automobiles of the Brass Era
American Railroads
Animated Documentary
Animation, Embodiment, and Digital Media
Anthropometry, Apparel Sizing and Design
Architectural Design
Arthurian Animation
Autonomous Vehicles
Basic Knitting and Projects
Basics Design 01: Format second edition
Better Public Transit Systems
Casual Carpooling
Ceramic Materials : Processes, Properties and Applications
Ceramics - Mastering the Craft
Clean New World
Co-creating Videogames
Comics for Film, Games, and Animation
Containerized Cargo
Contemporary Marine and Maritime Policy
Context + Environment
Creative Research
Credible Checklists and Quality Questionnaires : A User-centered Design Method
Design for Emotion
Design for Sustainable Change
Design Management
Design Research
Design Th!nking
Designing Apparel for Consumers
Designing Sound for Animation
Developing a Collection
Directing for Animation
Documentary Filmmakers Handbook
Drawing Out the Interior
Drip-dry Shirts
Ecological Design
Efficient Logistics
E-mail Selling Techniques : That Really Work!
Employee Fatigue in the U.S. Railroad Industry
Europe's Best Advertising
Fashion Design
Fashion Drawing
Form & Structure
Global UX : Design and Research in a Connected World
Hispanic Folk Music of New Mexico and the Southwest
How Pilots Live
How to Cheat in Adobe Flash CC
Hybrid Ship Hulls
Idea Searching
Ideas for the Animated Short
Inkjet Printing on Fabric
Integrated Urban Models
Interactive Visualization
Interview Techniques for UX Practitioners : A User-Centered Design Method
Introduction to Intelligent Systems in Traffic and Transportation
Introduction to Marine Cargo Management
Introduction to Sustainable Transports
Japanese Aesthetics and Anime
Killer UX Design
Limited Edition : Prototypes, One-Offs and Design Art Furniture
Making Cushions and Pillows
Mastering Type : The Essential Guide to Typography for Print and Web Design
Materials Experience : Fundamentals of Materials and Design
Materials Processing and Manufacturing Science
Materials Processing Handbook
Modelling Freight Transport
Monster Trains
Negotiating a River
Panama Canal Expansion
Pervasive Animation
Playing with Sound
Plunkett's Automobile Industry Almanac 2014
Plunkett's Transportation, Supply Chain & Logistics Industry Almanac 2014
Port Infrastructure Finance
Port Security Management
Preserving South Street Seaport
Print & Finish
Quick Quilts with Rulers
Rail Safety
Reeds 21st Century Ship Management
Representational Techniques
Research and Design
Retail Design
Rig It Right! Maya Animation Rigging Concepts
Rippling : How Social Entrepreneurs Spread Innovation Throughout the World
Sequential Images
Suspended Animation 42 Success Secrets - 42 Most Asked Questions On Suspended Animation - What You Need To Know
Tall Ships Today
Text and Image
Textiles and Fashion
Texture + Materials
The Advanced Art of Stop-motion Animation
The Aesthetics of Imagination in Design
The American Clipper Ship, 1845-1920
The Animator's Eye
The Anime Paradox
The Automobile
The Civilizing Machine
The Commercial Aircraft Finance Handbook
The Design Way
The Films of Pixar Animation Studio
The Fundamentals of Creative Design
The Fundamentals of Design Management
The Fundamentals of Fashion Design
The Fundamentals of Graphic Design
The Fundamentals of Illustration
The Fundamentals of Interior Architecture
The Fundamentals of Interior Design
The Fundamentals of Product Design
The Fundamentals of Typography
The Handbook of Interior Architecture and Design
The Layout Book
The Production Manual
The Shape of Actions
The Soul of Anime
The Transport Debate
The Transportation Experience
The Visual Dictionary of Fashion Design
The Visual Dictionary of Graphic Design
The Visual Dictionary of Illustration
The Visual Dictionary of Interior Architecture and Design
The Visual Dictionary of Pre-press & Production
The Visual Dictionary of Typography
Thoughts on Interaction Design : A Collection of Reflections
Towards Sustainable Road Transport
Trade and Transport Corridor Management Toolkit
Traffic Analysis Tools and Methods
Transporting Crude Oil by U.S. Rail
Trends in E-business, E-services, and E-commerce : Impact of Technology on Goods, Services, and Business Transactions
Truck Drivers and Fatigue
U.S. Freight Transportation
U.S. Transit, Transportation and Infrastructure
Understanding Animation
Understanding Motion Capture for Computer Animation
Unexpected Consequences : Why the Things We Trust Fail
Urban Access for the 21st Century
User Experience (UX) Design for Libraries
User Experience in the Age of Sustainability : A Practitioner's Blueprint
User Interface Inspection Methods : A User-centered Design Method
Using Type
Vehicle-to-vehicle Technologies for Intelligent Transportation Systems
Virtual Typography
Vision and Values in Design Management
Visual Conversations
Visual Research
Vroom, Vroom!
War Imagery in Women's Textiles
Who's Buying Apparel
Writing for Interaction : Crafting the Information Experience for Web and Software Apps