An Anthropology of Puzzles : The Role of Puzzles in the Origins and Evolution of Mind and Culture
An Anthropology of the Enlightenment: Moral Social Relations Then and Today
Becoming Human by Design
Electrifying Anthropology : Exploring Electrical Practices and Infrastructures
European Cinema and Continental Philosophy: Film as thought experiment
Exploiting East Asian Cinemas: Genre, Circulation, Reception
Half Sound, Half Philosophy: Aesthetics, Politics, and History of China's Sound Art
Information Design for the Common Good: Human-centric Approaches to Contemporary Design Challenges
Introduction to multimodal analysis
Irma Stern and the Racial Paradox of South African Modern Art: Audacities of color
Language and Culture in Dialogue
Luxury and Visual Culture
Materializing Memories: Dispositifs, Generations, Amateurs
Non-Cinema: Global Digital Film-making and the Multitude
Performing Masculinity: Body, Self and Identity in Modern Fiji
Practicing Art and Anthropology : A Transdisciplinary Journey
Re-Viewing the Past: the uses of History in the Cinema of Imperial Japan
Seeing into Screens: Eye Tracking and the Moving Image
Selling Social Media: The Political Economy of Social Networking
Sonic Fiction: the Study of Sound
Sound Art Revisited: An Anthropology of Sound
Sound Works: A Cultural Theory of Sound Design
Television and Totalitarianism in Czechoslovakia: From the First Democratic Republic to the Fall of Communism
Textile design theory in the making
The Bloomsbury Handbook of Sound Art
The Sonic Persona: Aesthetics, Politics, and History of China's Sound Art
Vocal Projections: Voices in Documentary
Wes Anderson’s Symbolic Storyworld: A Semiotic Analysis
What are Exhibitions for? : An Anthropological Approach